Six Tips to Enhance Your Stress Free Travel

Interesting article with some good ideas about finding cheep hotels. Could help you travel with less stress.

With all of the travel guides and on-line discount traveler’s sites, finding the simplest hotel rate will get tough and confusing. Take time to slim your search through alternative, typically less common or forgotten ways of obtaining low cost rates. save cash by knowing up front specifically what you’re craving for during a hotel stay.


1 Seek out specific discounts. Conduct an internet search through websites like Priceline or Travelocity to match hotel rates, organize the search to list the most cost effective hotels for the value you are interested in.
2 Go to the hotel’s web site for any alternative or potential discounts, explore to see if there are any on-line coupons and membership discounts. Some hotels provide discounts to AAA members or seniors, however may allow you to sign on for a free hotel membership which will give you ten to twenty percent off your daily rate throughout your next trip.
3 Consider the sort of accommodations you would like. If you merely are craving for an area to sleep and do not want luxuries, hunt for hostels or hospitality exchanges on-line. Use directories like or especially if you’re traveling internationally, also think about bed and breakfasts, resorts or cabins if you are traveling with a group. Research these lodging places individually on websites like, Orbitz or Tripadvisor for the simplest rates.
4 Book a travelers package. Use discount traveling websites to induce budget-friendly rates on airfare and train fare, automobile rentals and hotels. Break down what proportion you’d pay booking these things separately and confirm whether or not you’d save cash with a package deal. You will be able to save a considerable quantity of cash by booking a package, particularly one that provides a 5-star hotel at a 2-star value.
5 Buy a card from an auction web site like eBay, typically hotels or alternative entities enable travelers to form low bids on special promotions, area rate discounts or extended-stay specials, like a “buy one, get a further night free” pass or certificate.
6 Join traveling clubs or your favorite hotel’s membership to receive emails on hotel discounts. You furthermore might consider receiving email alerts from AAA or Travelocity for current hotel rates for your favorite destinations.
Can you think of any other tips? Feel free to leave a tip below.
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